Company Description Country The volume of deliveries for the entire period since 2016, thousand km
Incab LLC One of the world's largest manufacturers of optical fiber cable and the largest plant in Russia and the CIS. The company has 20 dealers in 12 cities of Russia, as well as subsidiaries in the USA and Germany. The optical cable produced by the Inkab plant is supplied to the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, America, Europe and Asia, and is used in the networks of such companies as Rostelecom, Vimpelcom, Megafon, ER-Telecom, etc Russia, Perm Region 1785
Saranskkabel-Optika, Ltd One of the largest manufacturers of optical fiber cable in Russia. Since the establishment, company has manufactured and shipped to consumers about 500,000 km of cable and processed more than 6,000,000 Fkm. Russia, Saransk 1087
NBG Tube GmbH One of the world's leading companies in the field of fiber-optic solutions. NBG sells and processes more than 7 million Fkm every year Austria, Gmünd 938
SOYUZ-CABLE, IOOO The first manufacturer of optical fiber cable in Belarus. More than 290,000 kilometers of optical fiber cable have been produced and sold during the successful development of the Soyuz-Cable brand. Today, the products are delivered throughout Russia and the CIS countries Belarus, Vitebsk 716
Altay-Cabel, Ltd The plant, which was run in 2011, is equipped with new high-tech machines and is one of the most modern companies of this profile in Russia. The equipment of the Altay-Cabel plant allows to manufacture all the most popular designs of optical communication cables in Russia Russia, Barnaul 543
Eurokabel-I, Ltd The leading Russian company manufacturer and seller of optical fiber communication cable. Optical cables produced by Eurokabel-I, Ltd are used on long-distance communication lines, urban, district and rural communication lines, as well as for building local fiber-optic communication networks, information transmission systems, digital cable television and the Internet Russia, Moscow region 492
OPTEN-CABEL, Ltd The OPTEN cable manufacturing plant is the first domestic manufacturer establishing serial production of fiber-optic cable. Today, the company produces more than 50 major cable brands Russia, Leningrad Region 331
TRANSVOK, JSC One of the largest companies in the production and supply of optical fiber cable for trunk, local and intra-facility communication networks. Throughout its history, Transvok has produced more than 100 thousand km of high-quality optical fiber cable Russia, Moscow 221
Moskabel-Fujikura, JSC АJSC "MKF" is a manufacturer of optacal fiber cable, which has its strong leading position in the market of Russia and CIS countries for many years. The manufacturing capacity of the plant is 36,000 km of cable per year Russia, Moscow 203
General Copper Co., Ltd Pakistan 85
Polimet, CJSC Russia 85
Electroprovod, JSC Russia 73
Samara Optical Cable Company Russia 68
MCP Minskkabel JLLC Belarus 64
Beltelecabel Belarus 31
OCS 01 Co. Ltd Russia 30
'Reichle & De-Massari Czech Republic a.s. Czech 29
PPC Broadband Fiber Ltd England 26
OFS RUS VOK, JSC Russia 15
OPTRAL S.A. Spain 13
PCC Continent Co LTD LLP Kazakhstan 13
OFS Fitel LLC USA 13
FIBRAIN Sp. z o. o. Poland 5
Telefo Spa Italy 4