Optic Fiber Systems


13 April 2017

Head of the Republic of Mordovia Vladimir Volkov told the President of Russia about the optical fiber production in Mordovia

On 12thof April the President of Russia Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the Head of the Republic of Mordovia, where Vladimir Volkov told about the current situation and the development plans for the optical fiber production plant.

Meeting of Putin and Volkov

“Now the plant has already came into the operation mode. This year more than two million kilometers of fiber will be produced. But now the main thing for us is the second stage,” Volkov said.

“We now import optical fiber preforms, the Head of the region stated. Over the years the situation in the Russian industry has changed very sharply, I must say, Vladimir Vladimirovich. Now there is an opportunity to make preforms here: we have pure materials and pure gas. Now we are working with Gazprombank and Rusnano in order to begin the construction of the second stage this year and to prepare everything for fiber in Russia. This is a great task.”

The Head of the Republic said that over the past three years Mordovia increased exports of high-tech products in 2.5 times. Today hardware based on power electronics, cables and optical fiber are exported. “We thought for a long time over the fiber: to do or not to do it, how the Russian market will perceive it, and now we sell fiber to Western Europe and China,” Vladimir Volkov noted.

Thus, the construction project of the first Russian optical fiber plant was once again recognized and supported at the highest state level of the Russian Federation.