Optic Fiber Systems


20 February 2017

The visit of Alexander Morozov - Industry and Trade Deputy Minister of Russia

Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Alexander Morozov visited "Optic Fiber Systems" JSC and held a business meeting concerning material’s production development for photonics related to the laser technology on the basis of "Technopark-Mordovia" JSC.

"Today in Russia special attention is paid to the production of telecommunication and special optical fibers and high purity quartz materials for them,” Alexander Morozov said. “The issue of quality Russian fiber is an important task in terms of the industry ‘s technological modernization, as well as our country's technological security in the context of rapidly developing technologies."

The visit of Alexander Morozov

Getting acquainted with the Russian optical fiber ‘s production Alexander Morozov stressed the importance of  "Optic Fiber Systems"JSC start for the Russian cable industry, stated the need of using the experience in this unique production’s creation for the implementation of innovative projects in Russia. General Director of  "Optic Fiber Systems" JSC Andrey Nikolaev told about the successful completion of the fiber testing programs with leading telecommunications operators in Russia, institutes and cable companies’ test centers. The fiber is certified for compliance with international and Russian standards. Today Russian optical fiber is in great demand in Asian and European markets.

During the visit some issues of "Optic Fiber Systems" JSC development like the need for the second start-up complex’s construction, the production of preforms in Saransk and primary domestic consumption of optical fiber including public procurement were discussed.

At the meeting held in "Technopark-Mordovia" JSC was pointed out that the Republic carries out extensive work on the technological infrastructure’s development, highly qualified personnel training, stimulation of new products and innovations' creation.

"A whole range of industries such as fiber optics and optoelectronics, power electronics, lighting industry is actively developing in Mordovia. A number of projects in the field of photonics that are of special importance not only for our region but for the country as a whole is now implementing," Vladimir Volkov said.