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21 February 2017

Russian telecoms will get domestic fiber

In December of 2016 RUSNANO’s portfolio company “Optic fiber Systems” JSC together with  "Rostelecom" PJSC and  "VNIIKP" PLC completed the test program of the Russian optical fiber of its own production, as well as fiber optic cable, manufactured with it. According to the test positive results obtained and the company's products are recommended to use in communication networks of "Rostelecom" PJSC.

Company "Optic fiber Systems" JSC  manufactures optic fiber for communication cables, which are used by telecommunications companies to transmit data. In the optical fiber production preforms of synthetic quartz are used, they are heated and drawn into a string with 0.125 mm thickness, and then it is covered with a protective coating.

The first domestic production of telecommunication optical fiber was opened in the city of Saransk, the capital of Mordovia, in September 2015. The project is implemented by RUSNANO with the participation of Gazprombank and the Republic of Mordovia. The total budget is 3.5 billion rubles, where 1.7 billion rubles was invested by RUSNANO.

Leading enterprises in the industry, such as "Saranskkabel-Optika", "Evrokabel-1", "Inkab", "Moskabel-Fujikura", "Opten" and "T8" has already tested Russian optical fiber samples and provided a positive opinion. The successful completion of product certification program with the participation of  "Rostelekom" PJSC and "VNIIKP" PLC will allow in the nearest future to expand the range of fiber application in the communication networks’ construction in Russia, including the scope of the federal project "Bridging the digital divide" as much as possible.

"Optic fiber Systems" JSC also received a certificate of compliance of the serial optical fiber with the core international standards ITU-T G652D and IEC 60793-2-50, and have passed quality management system certification to the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001: 2015), which is a quality conformance guarantee of the domestic optical fiber to the international and Russian standards.

In the fourth quarter of 2016 the factory started industrial production of optical fiber and entered into the production of more than 100 thousand kilometers of fiber per month. This is 50% of the plant capacity and 25% of the Russian market demand, that was fully covered by import before the plant start.

According to CRU Group data there was an increase of 11% in the world optical fiber consumption up to 457 million kilometers in 2016. In this context "Optic fiber Systems" successfully implemented several optical fiber supplies with the capacity of more than 300 thousand kilometers for export to the European Union and Asian countries, including top ten manufacturers of fiber-optic communication cables in China. At present several long-term export contracts have been signed, which organizes the delivery of the optical fiber.

"Import substitution that was proclaimed to be one of the priorities of the domestic industry development is a primary task in the strategically important sector of telecommunications. Joint test results indicate that now "Optic fiber Systems" will be able to participate in tenders conducted by "Rostelecom" and other major telecom operators of Russia among the fiber optic cable manufacturers, and the received certificate of compliance is a guarantee of domestic optical fiber quality for cable plants," Deputy Chairman of the  "RUSNANO" MCGerman Pikhoya said.

"RUSNANO" JSC was created in March of 2011 through reorganization of state corporation "Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies".  "RUSNANO" JSC supports the implementation of the state policy on the nanotechnology industry development by investing directly and through nanotechnology funds in financially viable high-tech projects to ensure the development of new production facilities in the Russian Federation. The main investment areas are electronics, optoelectronics and telecommunications, health care and biotechnology, metallurgy and metal processing, power engineering, mechanical engineering and instrumentation, construction and industrial materials, chemicals and petrochemistry. 100% of  "RUSNANO" JSC shares are owned by the state. Currently 77 factories and R&D centers in 30 Russian regions were opened through RUSNANO investments.

Assets control management of "RUSNANO" is performed by "Management Company" RUSNANO " LLC , created in December of 2013 with Anatoly Chubais as a Chairman of the Executive Board.

Infrastructural and Educational Programs’ Fund that was also established through reorganization of state corporation completes tasks of nanotechnology infrastructure establishment and educational programs implementation. Read more here www.rusnano.com

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